Anyone have any experience with the One News Alexa skill and how well it works?


I have an Amazon Echo Show (the one with the screen) and added One News to my Flash Briefing sources about a month ago. In that time, I have had maybe two One News bulletins (I check it every morning). Currently, Alexa tells me there is "no recent content" from One News, displays this screen and skips right to the next one.


I have been chatting to the One News account via Facebook Messenger about this, they say the skill is updated twice daily and that they have checked for issues at their end, and have also checked with Amazon, and can find no reason why it shouldn't be working, but they seem keen to figure out what the problem is.


When I look at the skill in the Alexa app it has a low score with other people making similar observations to mine. Curious to see whether any GZers have tried to use it and their experiences so that I can confirm whether or not it's just me.