Digital Ventures (the same folks behind BigPipe) also run a lovely mobile provider called Skinny. You might have heard about them, they're a pretty awesome bunch.


Long story cut short. If you use the phone all the time and can live with just a mobile Skinny likely have a prepaid deal for you. I am personally on $46 per month for unlimited calling and texting as well as 2.5gb rollover data. They also run off Sparks network (3G and 4G) with the exact same coverage footprint. If you're thinking about changing to BigPipe ditching the landline and going 100% mobile is so easy (and cheap) these days. Honestly, NZ is pretty awesome.



Spark Ventures* ;)




Skinny's really affordable for prepaid, and Spark have some good deals as well. Even if I wasn't working for them I'd still probably be with Spark for the free spotify + cheap movie tickets. Those damn value added services get me every time...