Hey Geekzoners, we're looking for some people to help us beta test our upcoming Parental Control feature. 


Ideally testers will be parents (most ideally with kids who've graduated to using the internet on their own devices) but we'd be happy with anyone with a shared living situation. If, for instance, you are a Bigpipe account holder, and using our app to randomly cut off your flatmate's access to social media sounds like a good time, please do sign up. 


Best way to sign up is to do it at this handy landy page. Just make sure that you sign up with the email address you use for Bigpipe. 


Feel free to PM me any additional details - like what username matches what email, household size, that sort of thing. It's completely optional but it means that we'll have a bit more insight into feedback given. 


That's it for now - we'll update the thread with instructions when the beta is ready. 


That landing page again: http://pages.bigpipe.co.nz/parental-control/ 


Any questions, let me know!


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