TwoSeven: To me, 2400 calories is quite a bit to be eating, it would imply that the normal person is doing a bit more exercise than the overweight person, and the age isn't given, nor is the muscle mass of each individual - it would be hard to know the average calory burn of each individual.

Also, 50 grams of pasta is about 70 calories, so roughly the same as a slice of bread. As a percentage of daily intake it's quite a small number. Also, different types of pasta have a different glycemic index and also glycemic response.

Finally, I don't think the mediterainian diet contains much in the way of carbs anyway, so having a small amount I think would probably not really have that much if an impact.




I thought that on averages, to maintain weight (not lose or gain) typical guideline is about 2500 / 2000 calories per day for adult men/women.


So many variables I tend to not give a damn about counting, I just try to eat "sensibly" whatever that means (of course my "sensible" probably equates to someone else's "suicidal").