Yes, there are shades of grey in medicine. Unfortunately, there are hordes of people who don't understand or care about scientific method and can't be bothered reading the literature but are eager to uncritically seize on every shade of grey as the latest magical cure-all for anything and everything. They are ably served by those happy to supply them with whatever quackery they desire, and it is quackery until it has been proved effective by peer- reviewed research and rigorous clinical trials. Anecdote, uninformed testimonials, unsubstantiated claims and gossip and rumour are not proof of anything. 


Western medicine and science do not always get it right. They are not always ethical or uncorrupt. But they represent a system of discovery and ordering knowledge that has brought us from the superstition of the Middle Ages to where we are today. If I have to place my faith anywhere, I certainly would place it in modern science before I would look to some magic mushroom because Aunt Ruth says it healed Uncle Abe's herpes.