So my 6 year old, 8 year old and I all had a Flu vaccine today. As a reward for being brave (me not them) we stopped at McD as my wife had to work. I usually can't stand being in a McD as the smell makes me feel slightly ill. I ended up with a sirachia angus burger which was surprisingly very nice! It had Onions, Gerkins, Egg, Lettuce, a nice enough beef moist pattie, and tomato. I'd suggest there would be a reasonable number of kids being fed a home feel tonight that wouldn't get that many vegetables! Whilst I don't condone this for dinner every night, I thought it was pretty tasty and didn't bear much resemblence of my memories of earlier McD's meals. I stand by my earlier comments that quite a few fast food places aren't actually too terrible. There is worse food you could feed your kids. 





Interesting. I'm sure McDonalds has changed a lot since the last time I was in one. I still have doubts, but am prepared to be persuaded that they are doing better as long as they refrain from cheeseburger bacon donuts.