I was a Gillette man for many many years. I always shaved with their "greatest" and best. 


I switched to Schick for a trial and have never looked back. For me the blades last longer and do a better job of my face. I have been using a Schick 5 blade for about 2+ years now. 


I recently saw an advert for the Hydro Sense and being a bit of a sucker for marketing had a look for reviews. Most seemed positive so I bought a razaer with comfort blade, and a 4 pack of the Energise. 


Neither of my first two shaves has been super good. I found the "sense" function does nothing except make the pressure you require to get a good shave, variable, which has proven to be far from ideal. In the end I turned it off. I tried it again the second time, annoyed me so much I turned it off again. I found the amount of gel dispensed to be too much and until this is emptied, I expect to have similar issues. 


I tend to be very picky about my shaves. I shave against the grain and often may shave some areas more than once because I want smooth and nothing else will do. Both days I have shaved, post-shave I've found areas I missed, which I don't normally miss. I blame the fact the blade is moving faster because of the gel and the gel is thick so it's harder to get a sense of what isn't perfect.




Neither the two "flavours" of Gel did anything to "enhance" my post shave experience (nor my shave experience). 


I shave in the shower, 5 days a week. I use King of Shave Oil which I can't highly enough recommend. I wouldn't say my beard is particularly coarse. I normally get 4-6 weeks out of a blade.




It might be an upgrade if you aren't already using a Schick 5 series razor, but I don't see the sense function as better as it can cause issues with determining how much pressure to apply to specific areas. I wouldn't buy again and it would make me less inclined to buy other upgrades they might offer. I do however believe that the Schick 5 is an excellent system. The new blades fit on the old handle.