Important information about MMR vaccines in New Zealand here.



MMR catch-up for children at primary, intermediate or high school, and adults born in 1969 or later


We can only use documented immunisation records to determine what vaccines have been given.
No matter how well intentioned a parent or person is when they say they or I “would have had everything when I was young” we cannot use that as evidence of immunisation.
It is not necessary to do serology testing.
It is appropriate to vaccinate if you cannot easily locate immunsation records.
Vaccination is a safer option than possibly leaving a person susceptible to measles whilst they are searching for records.
In the absence of documented doses of MMR vaccine administered from 12 months of age and a minimum of 28 days apart people born 1969 or later are recommended to receive MMR vaccinations
if they don't have any documented MMR doses – give two doses of MMR vaccine 28 days apart;
if they have one MMR dose documented (administered at 12 months of age or older) – give one further MMR at least 28 days after the previous dose.
Individuals born in New Zealand prior to 1969 are considered to be immune to measles as there was no measles containing vaccine until 1969 and the disease is so highly infectious.