Just a quick plug for the latest generation of LifeFitness treadmill and the associated app LF Connect.  We just got the Integrity series treadmill.  Like all LF products IME, great to run on and easy to control.  Where it really impresses is in the software.


The display and control screen has entertainment apps built in - YouTube, Netflix, Spotify.  Or you can display a video of NZ running routes.  It does something with apple watch too, but I don't have one so didn't research that.


There are a wide variety of pre-programmed running workouts - nothing new there.  But now, with the LF app, you create customs runs on your phone.  A custom run comprises 1 or more intervals. It's easy, I set up a 13 interval run in about a minute. For each interval you specify duration, speed and gradient.  Or you can go for a run with your GPS on and turn the GPS data into a custom run - very clever.  I found the app performs faultlessly but there were some negative reviews in the play store.


In the app, you log onto the treadmill by scanning a QR on the screen and all your custom workouts are available. Select a workout, press start and run.  The treadmill adjusts parameters as per your custom programme.  At the end of your workout, the treadmill automatically switches to cool-down mode.  When you are done, the workout is saved and uploaded to your preferred health/exercise app and you can hit the shower.


Clever. Simple. Awesome.