BTR: One of my hates is automatically adjusting drivers seat i.e. the seat moves backwards when you stop the car and forwards again when you start it. Hyundai i45 has this feature, also its engine is to small for such a large card and results in it being gutless on hills.

I like this feature.  Makes it easy to get into and out of the car.  Also makes it easy for other drivers who need the seat further out to do the same thing.

BTR: One other feature which is both good and bad with my car is the clutch pedal has to be pressed in order to start the it, this is great for safety but a pain when you are working on the car, have dirty overalls on and are trying to start the car without actually getting in it i.e. checking for leaks after an oil change.

I would imagine this is an issue for a tiny percentage of car owners.