Hi guys my final update.   thanks alot for all your sharing etc, what a great community.

The 2014 Escort Redline and the 2014 Valentine were pretty close in performance for both K and Ka bands operating simultaneously.

But the Escort Redline was marginally, a second or two more notifcation on the speed cameras which tips the balence ever so slightly.

Yes there are false alarms, but I only use it on the open road, they have both saved me many times with cops coming around corners radar perm on, and cases where it was pulsed for the cars in front a kilometer away.

The speed cameras are trickier but i've gone with the redline.   x off tsr off and some other thing i've forgotten. 

They tell me I can further refine the sensitivity by turning off frequencies not used here for camera or radar but that will take some time to gather in debug mode.

The speed camera can now operate in the dark so be aware!