My logic is paint on old cars fades, so on older cars it would be difficult to match. We're not talking about an insurance job here, we're talking about damage done by a company who will pay for it. If it's not necessary of course you wouldn't bother.

And a cut and polish would fix that 98% of the time. Any proper paintshop will be able to match by eye (if reaaaaly needed but is rare), use the paint code, or use a piece of the car (inside a petrol flap/door) to colour match, and then cut and polish the whole car before delivery to hide the blends.
In fact, you could take your car to the likes of Union Hardware in Newtown, Welly, and they'll match and put it in a pressure pack so you can do it yourself! You'd be amazed how easy it is these days... And I doubt the car is a 20+ year old faded red (probably the hardest to match).
The company will be using their insurance... they don't just fork out cash. That's why they have it. They certainly won't go for a $3k (cheap) respray for some concrete splashes. :)