TimA: Why MR2 whyyyyyy David :P

Get a 328 E36 manual motorsport packaged BMW :)
I got a S4 audi recently. Much better than the BMW but it cant do skids like a BMW.

Audi and BMW are on my bucket list.  Probably once I'm a rich self employed realestate tycoon or something.

I got the MR2 because it had everything I wanted.

- Classic look
- T-Top/convertable/open air
- Two seats, so I didn't have to drive my useless friends arouind
- A great engine with a turbo
- economy, accelleration and handling all in the same package
- 5 speed gearbox.
- Cheap to buy, easy'ish to maintain

Audi and BMW were cheap too in some instances, but it was always a crank/knock/something else sensor that had gone wrong and needed replacing "But it was cheap as bro".  And I didn't want to take the risk.  Plus none of them had a service history or anything like that.

When I'm flush with money I'll have a look for a nice Euro as the daily and the MR2 can be put away for fun through the corners.  I can't describe to you how much I want to own a V8/V10/V12 or even maybe a W12! :)