nathan: i think we need to invade some middle eastern oil rich countries, to bring them democracy, so we can deliver lower gas prices for the summer driving season to a compliant populace.

That'll never happe... oh....

No no you were right the first time, I am sure he meant NZ specifically and our military consists of 2 guys with sawn off shotties in a row boat with only 1 oar (Naval) , a crop duster with an air pistol in the hands of a blind 80 year old woman (air force) and 3 x 70 year old men recovering from hip replacement surgery with broken bowie knives attached to their belts (Army).

Ahhh, I see you're privy to next years defence force plans then! sealed

BTW, petrol in Adelaide went up $0.20 today. Driven by the greedy chain owner of "On The Run" again. He tried last month and failed.