- Don't get insurance with Youi.  They are fine at the beginning and you deal with people in this country who are great to deal with.  As soon as you want to leave or cancel your policy, you're put on to the Australians.  They are pushy as hell and will keep you on the phone for as long as possible, try to upsell you several times not taking no for an answer.  Then finally, make you feel like crap for leaving them.  Never again.

Not true... it's the Australians that are good... its the South Africans that are the ones to avoid.

It's the Australians that are pushy.  I can't comment on SA operators, even though I think Youi is an SA company.  If my own experience isn't enough, just check out their Facebook page.

You deal with Kiwis at first.  I know, since I only went with Youi as a friend of mine that worked at the local call center and sorted me out with a "deal".  I then sold the vehicle three months later.  Cancellations go through an Australian call centre.  My friend said they've had multiple complaints about the pushy nature of their retention tactics, but it seems to be an ongoing issue.

So even though I had no vehicle and my new one was practically on blocks, they pushed HARD to have my "not working" new car put on asset insurance.  When I said "I'll think about it" and then rang up again a day later to say no, I had learned they had done it anyway.  My insurance was cancelled and I had asset insurance instead.  They didn't even take any details of the new vehicle.  They knew nothing about it at all.  When I asked them what asset I had insured under my new asset insurance, they said they didn't know.

Wouldn't recommend Youi at all.