Jase2985: slow and fast drivers cause accidents.

if everyone who should be driving at 100kph was driving at 100kph im sure there would a lot less stress/impatience on the roads and possibly a lot less accidents.

both sides are at fault at the the end of the day, the speeders an those that choose to drive slower.

Slow driving is not dangerous. At worst it is discourteous if a queue forms and you don't pull over. If you put peoples lives at risk because someone was discourteous towards you, "prick" doesn't begin to cover it.

Going over a rise or around a bend on a 100k road and coming on a vehicle doing around 60k is very dangerous and this
Happened twice over the holiday period.

The law requires you to be able to stop within the length of lane visible, or half that on an unmarked road. If you cannot stop because of an obstruction or slow vehicle around a bend or corner then you are travelling too fast for the conditions.

Correct, but the slow driver is travelling in a manner likely to endanger other road users and dangerous driving.




And will break the rule about not driving in a manner so as to "annoy any person". See how contradictory the RC is?




A blind hairpin would require you to be doing about 15kmh in order to be able to stop in what you can actually see as clear - how many drivers do that?