I bought a Toyota Camry 2011 about a year ago (NZ new - not an import).  It features integrated bluetooth and I had no difficulty pairing my Galaxy S4 with it.  I was hooked - I never realised how useful being able to take calls in the car was.


Said S4 died (bad case of reboot on reboot) so I bought a cheapie Alcatel Android phone (which packs a surprising amount of functionality in for $59), and that too paired with the Camry OK.


The problem is that the phone and the Camry have spontaneously become unpaired and I can't pair them again.  Any attempt to use the hands-free gives me a "not linked" error.  I can't seem to get the car into pairing mode anymore - i.e. first base.  The whole process is pretty much driven by spoken commands as I recall, but I can't get it into the mode where it recognises spoken commands.  If I try to place a call however, it recognises spoken names I have previously entered and recalls the numbers - it just fails at that point because it can't find a paired phone.


Does anyone have the relevant documentation?  There are videos on the net but they are for US models and I suspect are different.