Can someone recommend a decent Japanese import yard, the ones Ive been too feel dodgy or the cars are not detailed, in Auckland.


So the Accord head gasket isnt known for blowing?


Want to pay as low as possible due to maybe moving, but up to about $7k.



I've bought a couple of cars from Buy Right, but they probably will not have a lot in your price range. They seem to only import the cars that are auction graded 4 and above (all their cars are well detailed, mostly lower k's and very straight).


2CheapCars is another to look at. They seem to stock the popular cheapies - Honda Jazz/Fit, Tiidas, Axelas. They may have something you are interested in.


When I was looking around, there were a couple on Wairau Road on the shore that looked OK too - Wheels on Wairau and Infinity Cars.