Were the affected vehicles sold here new?  If they weren't Nissan NZ has zero legal obligations. 


Interesting - I remember getting contacted by Toyota about a recall on my imported Hilux, and I was the second NZ owner. I doubt that they would have done that from the goodness of their hearts, so it makes me wonder about your statement - definitely be keen to hear more about that.

Was it bought/sold used by a Toyota branch at some stage?  The individual branch would then have CGA obligations. 

It's possible that Toyota have a policy for the local distributor to handle recalls for all calls in their country, regardless of how they came to be in that country.  Makes sense from a reputation perspective.

If a particular car was imported into NZ by someone other than the NZ distributor they have no legal responsibility under the CGA - how could they?  They didn't supply the item or receive a single $ for it.

Analogous to parallel importing a laptop and then expecting the NZ distributor to warrant it.


I can see the local operation not wanting to do it for free.

But to refuse to do it (when you can do it) for a fee is a very different thing, especially for any safety issues. Putting your marketing needs above road safety isn't a good look.