PhantomNVD: Yes, my wife is currently learning to adapt her heavy footed driving (1 week with an 11 bar 2011 Leaf today) and says managed to ‘limp’ home using regenerative breaking on the free way hills to arrive home freaked out to have only 11kms left from her 120km start (on the dash Guess-O-Meter) having only driven her usual 84km round trip commute.

Seems she likes the instant torque more than she likes ‘cruising’ and feels a car capable of 105km/h on the freeway shouldn’t be impacted by DOING that 105km/h for 30+ of her 42kms home trip 😂

Driving habits are a big part of a fully BEV car at the low range end I’d say...

Yes. if she's going to drive like that then a wee charge (an hour at regular old 3-pin wall socket 10amp will give her 8% more) during the day will give her the freedom to put the pedal to the metal.