Bit of a contentious subject..


Tinkering geeks use to export a GPI for Garmin GPS use that was more up to date than the Garmin NZ/AU speed camera POI file included with devices from And at request of some non-techos I'm revisiting it again a few years on.


But it would appear some help is needed in the northland region. The official Police guide for those fancy new digital camera installations and recent media articles is quite public and have shown the zenbu list is now well lacking and out of date (or not accurate to pinpointed location)


I've added a waterview tunnel northbound one and a couple of others today based on the data and streetview/ peoples video or images of them and will continue to do so when I get a chance. But if anyone has any solid data on locations (and local speed limit for alerting) and a zenbu account would appreciate help tidying up the few I added today, or list them here to be added with GPS or st number/side of road locactions.


Why do they list with @80 and so on you ask? It is in a ready to export format for POI editors that does the double alert tone change when over that when present.


An example entry