When I owned a shop we constantly had people blocking in all the staff out the back cause they just didnt give a crap where they parked- it was private property and there was literally a hundred or so free carparks 10 meters away.  I had a tow company on tap to tow people.  They would patrol the area regularly and they would tow at least one a month.  There was plenty of signage stating if you park here you will be towed at your expense.  We made nothing off the deal other than having idiots threaten us over it constantly - I was only there 5 mins blah blah blah.  But why should I or my staff be inconvenienced, sometimes for hours by an ass.  



I understand where you're coming from. I simply don't believe people when they say "Oh but I was only parked here for a few minutes!"


I used to live at the end of a cul-de-sac that had no stopping lines painted around the turning area. Opposite the entrance to the cul-de-sac was a private school. What happened was that every week day, rich entitled parents would park on the no-stopping lines, as well as double parking alongside parallel parking spots further along. This was a huge PITA as I'd have to navigate all these cars when I left work for a 3.30pm shift, never knowing if their parking all over the road would obscure from vision a kid who was crossing the street. I don't want to run down a kid because some lazy parent couldn't be bothered parking properly. I could do without a fender bender for the same reason.




Anyway, I observed one woman parked for 10 minutes on no stopping lines and then approached her. She said "Oh but I've only been here for 2 minutes!" When I pointed out she was lying, she went straight to the next excuse without batting an eyelid and went from one to the next until she ran out of excuses. Her final excuse was "Are you a parent?" No. "Ha! Well you wouldn't understand!" undecided




The point I'm making is that I have zero sympathy for people who abuse parking. It's generally motivated by selfishness. OTOH, that guy from Bashford is a total toad :)