Hi All,


Lots of info on the net but I cannot find the answer to this particular question.


I know that on the 04-05 Mazda Axela the LCD part of the dash that has the clock etc is powered through the stereo. So I am looking to retain this function by retaining the original stereo and installing another stereo in the pocket at the top of the dash that sometimes holds a lCD screen stereo. In this case it has been removed prior to my purchase. 


Now I know that when I pull the plug from the stereo to connect the new unit I will lose the power supply to the OEM stereo. I have all the correct cables for easy install of the new unit including steering wheel control module.




So two questions:


1 - If I can connect an alternative power supply to the OEM stereo will the LCD part of the dash still function?


2 - Will the steering wheel controls work from the new module (specific to the stereo and car model so plug and play) with the OEM stereo still installed with power supplied?


Thanks in advance. I hope my first post on this forum is clear enough :-)