EVAP solenoid valve was to cure a check engine light p071/074, which has since been gone, which I hoped would cure rough idling too, but I didn't mention it to the dealer then. I really should have went somewhere else to get it replaced as apparently the part isn't expensive, but just wanted to get it over and done with at the time.


From my limited knowledge I'd say a vacuum leak could cause that code. I'd give it a couple of days and if it's been idling mint, find out if it was a vacuum hose that AA sorted out. If it was, I'd say there is a reasonable chance there was no issue with the purge solenoid in the first place. 

Yes I did give it like two weeks even after I cleared the code on my OBD scan tool, but then it came up again. Replaced the EVAP solenoid and hasn't come back up since.