My understanding is that NZ Bus are getting double deckers delivered in January and, in the interim, single decker buses are being double dispatched in order to provide sufficient capacity to the timetable that would otherwise be serviced by double deckers.


I can't see a double decker going up Onslow Rd and the other narrow roads in Khandallah


NZ Bus don't run the Khandallah routes anyway so that's a moot point


Despite all the problems with the system, it's been good for Broadmeadows having a regular bus service to and from town. Before it was only a small number of buses in the morning to town, then nothing till the afternoon coming from town.





Swings and roundabouts I guess. You get regular service to Broadmeadows. The number of buses I can catch to Khandallah is halved. This is because the Khandallah 25 bus (formerly 43)  now terminates in the Village and then goes back via Ngaio. It used to go down Onslow Road and as somebody who lives between Onslow Road and the Village, I could catch 44 (faster) or 43 (slower). Now I can only catch 24 and watch frustrated as 25/26 etc. go by with Khandallah signage I can't catch :-(