TL-DR; Use insurance.


If you can in any way have it covered by insurance, AT LEAST get them to evaluate it and accept it as a claim. Friend of mine was hit from behind just a few weeks ago in her SLK AMG and the bumper is damaged, exhaust hangers bent and boot latch pushed forward. No frame damage. Bumper and bootlid would need fixing or replacing (and repainting).


$35k car and they nearly wrote it off. (as in they told her it was a writeoff because repair estimates were $15-18k)


Now in your case as there's no actual body damage I'd expect more like $1200-$1500 for an insurance fix - maybe much more if they want to replace the panel. A non insurance fix (hot water, panel prep and paint for the whole bumper - off the car) would probably be more like $800.


Cheers - N