Just an update froma BYD owner. No sign of Android Auto yet but there is a clone of AA called Headunit Unloaded that works as well. You need to sideload it (The ...


It means now while parked,  waiting for people in the car, I can enjoy the latest episodes of Jack Ryan :-)





I found the Carplay to be like using an iPad! it was good, but DAMN that screen is too big for the normal CP design. Nice with maps + some controls for audio tho. It was nice having a rental Atto (Mevo), leave it overnight to upgrade and... CARPLAY!


I presume you mean the proper Android Auto, like the Polestar has? or just "connect your Android phone" ala Carplay?


Personally, I just REALLY want to have CP on my phone. Just put it in the phone holder, turn it 90deg wide, switches to CP when the normal BT interface comes on. Easy.



An Android Auto clone which works the same. Unlike a phone the screen is much larger and you don't have to take the phone out of your pocket. Or you just put in the charging pad.