xlinknz: Why are Mitsi still using Chademo in 2022? 


This. Lots. At least the type 1 has been ditched for type 2, but just go all the way for type 2 CCS. 


Chademo is popular in Japan, so most used imports will be that. 


Mitsi (and every other OEM) will provide what ever is appropriate for a market. They produce Type2-CCS for Europe (and probably Type 1 CCS for USA). It is Mitsi (NZ) who decide which flavour of charge ports we see on their factory new offerings. 


Type2 sux. The ONLY good thing about Type2 is 3 phase charging, which is (presently) irrelevant to most NZ households (and even irrelevant to some models of EV). I find that Type2 is very anti-social at public & corporate charging stations. You cannot unplug an unattended EV that has finished charging (I'm looking at you Tesla & MG) because the car remains locked onto the plug even once finished, sabotaging everyone else who is waiting. At my place of work it isn't unusual for a Type2 EV to occupy the (only) DC fast charger for 8 hours straight.


Chademo on the other hand is way more logical, and locks only while the power is flowing. Type 1 doesn't lock by default, and on the Leaf a simple physical switch allows you to select between unlocked, locked while charging (for anti-Karen) or locked always (for charger anti-thief).