mudguard: With these Toyota references neither my Corolla or Camry had the pads or discs changed in a total of 360,000kms!!


don't get that much these days.


rule of thumb for utes was pad change at 200k, disc and pad at 400k.  now days its more like disk and pads at 100k.



Well that was a 2014 Camry, and 2019 Corolla. What can I say, I'm a gentle driver! Though to be fair the mandatory driver training days at Pukekohe that we had to do probably wiped six months off the tyres and brakes. We had to do about ten ABS stops from speed amongst other things.




As for the OP and the original quote, it's a tough one, I mean if you're mechanically inclined pads and rotors can be straightforward to do yourself, and there's probably nothing stopping you from pricing up the parts yourself.


I did it on my old Civic fairly recently.