Keyboard with keypad. iluminated. usb rechargable. really nice. best full size htpc keyboard you can get.

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The Logitech Illuminated Living-Room Keyboard K830 has been designed to enhance your TV entertainment experience. It’s the best way to wirelessly control your connected TV, and a must for the modern day living room. Bright, backlit keys help you see and type easily, even in the dark, and the built-in touchpad gives you precise cursor control from up to 10 m away. The construction is lightweight yet sturdy, inviting to hold and comfortable on the lap. Extra features like rechargeability, media focused hot keys and a second left-click button makes it all the more pleasurable to use in the living room or even as a main keyboard for your desktop PC. Features: Bright, backlit keys. Always see and type easily, even in the dark.

Built-in touchpad. Type and control your mouse pointer all in one device.
10 m (33 ft)* Wireless range. Lean back and browse from your couch or bed.
Rechargeable. Never worry about changing batteries again, just plug-in and recharge.