hi, Cam,


Mostly all sorted now, thanks.  Hence my ability to post to Geekzone.


When do Orcon normally send out the request to Enable for fiber?  When the order is placed with Orcon or once the temporary ADSL connection is established?


Do your standard routers have 5Ghz wifi or did I get an old one?





If you choose to get a copper connection while you wait for fibre, the fibre order is submitted once the copper is connected. Normally this happens quickly and is a very smooth experience which we've had loads of positive feedback on. In your case it sounds like there was an issue with the copper installation which meant the fibre order is delayed - which is certainly regretable and I apologise for the delay.


On all plans except our Gigantic service, the modem we supply is a Netcomm NF4V which doesn't support 5Ghz Wi-Fi. On our Gigantic plan we supply a FRITZ!Box 7490 which does support 5Ghz. We've got some work in the pipeline to introduce a new modem for all our plans that supports 5Ghz, but I don't have any details on when that's going to happen at this stage.