Hello forum members,

I'm a recent subscriber to MyRepublic in Singapore and while searching to try and find an answer to some (I think) config issues the most intelligent discussions appeared to be on this site...

I'm assuming the fundamental Teleport (DNS) service by MyRepublic operates in the same way regardless of whether the subscriber is in Singapore or NZ.

The 1Gbps Fibre service is shaping up pretty well when compared with my previous (incumbent Telco) provider - StarHub cable for those familiar with the Singapore market.

One major reason for me to switch to MR was their teleport service which should allow me to access things like BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime, Netflix etc.

I'm interested to know whether any MR subscribers in NZ have the same issue as below.

Accessing via Safari on MacOS 10.10.1 (Teleport)
BBC iPlayer - Streaming and Downloading both work fine
Amazon Prime on a UK Amazon account - not working - 'service not available in your country' error

Accessing via iPlayer app on multiple iOS 8.1.2 devices
BBC iPlayer App - Streaming doesn't work - video hangs when starting to stream the programme
BBC iPlayer App - Download works fine

Both the MacOS issue (Amazon) and iOS issue (iPlayer Streaming) can be resolved by switching on a VPN service with a UK IP Address.

I have verified that both my router and the individual devices are correctly configured to use the singapore MR DNS IP addresses.

So, to recap my question - can anyone in NZ
a) successfully stream BBC iPlayer content using the iPlayer iOS app or
b) access Amazon Prime (UK account)?

Many thanks,