$79.00 per month for bigpipe ufb at 100/20 + 2 talk cheapest monthly plan at $10 +gst. Isn't that around $90.50?
I am waiting for my bigpipe install and am moving my landline to 2talk asap afterwards.
Of course you have to supply your own router at $100ish.


 No, $85.90.


Sign up for a free 2 talk account, then, port your existing number as an additional cloud pbx line. Details below.


Cost: $6 + GST/mth
Cloud PBX numbers include all features, add 2000 local minutes to your account and increase your account channels by 1.
The numbers included with your monthly calling plan can be Cloud PBX numbers or New Zealand Toll Free numbers


 If you want the 250 national minutes, you can sign up for the $10+gst plan, however, I use my mobile for national calls so haven't done that.


Oh yeah, there's a one off porting fee as well.



I know this is a bit OT, but how complex is the whole 2Talk VOIP service to arrange and set up, including transferring the existing number as a cloud PBX line?


Given I'm already using VOIP through Snap on a Fritzbox modem, I've got the necessary hardware, but is the setup relatively straight-forward? If I go with Big Pipe I've not no choice but to use a third-party VOIP provider, and as you've suggested here it'll still be cheaper to go with 2Talk even if I select Unlimited (and more convenient when/if I shift ISPs).


I've also read threads where some Big Pipe customers have had issues setting up 2Talk VOIP; it's not yet clear to me whether I'll need a static IP address (whatever the ISP) or if the CG NAT thing with Big Pipe will be a problem for VOIP (some say it theoretically should be, while others say in practice it's not caused them any problems).


Any advice gratefully received!