Asking for a neighbour that just moved in next door to me.


They had Chorus fibre installed yesterday morning, the ONT looks all happy, and they brought along a TG-789vac router I think they had attached to a VDSL modem at their old place.


Checked the router config, and it is setup for DHCP as per their website, forced it onto ethernet and it's connected to the red port. Link lights are all good on the ONT and router, except for the internet connectivity icon.


Connected up my laptop to the router and it's not showing any DHCP results. Last night he called them and they said they'd get a tech to call him back (I told the guy what I could see but he wasn't really interested), the tech never did. I also tried a direct connection given it doesn't appear to be on a VLAN and not PPPoE, laptop got nothing as well.


My guess is their profile has not been provisioned?