I joined MyRepublic back in ~ June 2016 when I got fibre, as they were basically the only ISP with a decent 100/50 plan and I wanted the upload. (This was before 950/500 was available outside Gigatown.) 


Already documented somewhere else, but I my experience was disappointing from the get go. The door to door sales person promised me 1 year half price for a 24 month contract, but it was actually only 6 months half price, the same as online. While obviously I could have cancelled my signup, it was still a better deal than whatever else was out there so I ended up sticking with it. They didn't offer any sweeteners despite their door to door agent problem. 

The installers messed up as they nearly always do. The microduct was less than 5 cm deep in parts. I told MyRepublic, they said they informed Chorus but I never heard back and decided I couldn't be bothered chasing up on it. 


But service was fine. I joined the SOHO plan, so got a static IP for free, and also a decent wifi router TP-Link Archer C9. I joined after they seemed to have largely resolved their speed and latency issues. I never had many network issues that I could put down to my connection, other than those times Vocus broke. 


In September 2016 my connection started to have problems. It would completely break often during the night with the red light on the ONT coming on and then start to work again often during the day. (IIRC the Chorus repair person said the fibre splice point wasn't sealed properly so there was water ingress.) It first failed on the 4th a Sunday, I emailed them in the later afternoon on the 5th. They didn't get back to me until the early evening on 8th, and the connection was working at the time. When it broke I emailed them back and they got back to me on the 9th and someone came around from Chorus on the 10th and fixed it. So quite bad service times. I did try to call them, but they were having massive ques at the time I think it was over an hour and also IIRC I got disconnected at least once. Anyway I gave up on that. 


So clearly some quite bad support times. I later realised since I was on the SOHO plan I actually did qualify for their business support, using this may have been fast for the phone. (I'm not sure if there's a clear difference for email support.) 

Other than that one time, I never had to use support.


I'm now on Orcon. I joined their 950/500 plan as it was the best price considering 6 months half price promotion for a 12 month contract when I was joining. I only left because to change to 950/500 considering it's the same price as my 100/50 and actually cheaper considering the joining promotion. I set up my move to Orcon about 30 days in the future then informed MyRepublic. Because of weekends and timing, my move was actually the day after MyRepublic billing period. I was worried they'd try to get me to pay another month, but they actually fixed it without me having to do anything. 


So I wouldn't say my experience with MyRepublic was great, but it's not really that different from any other ISP I've been on in NZ including Telecom. The bigger ISPs do tend to have slightly more ability to cope with support call influxes but on the whole, I didn't find them as bad as some in these forums find them. Definitely some of their advertising and promotions are suspect or silly IMO and they do have a tendency to hype themselves in a way many find understandably annoying. And it sounds like they still really need to get their D2D agents under control. Frankly I personally think MyR ones are useless anyway, as I understand it unlike Spark, they never offered promotions you can't just get by signing up normally online.