I am failing to muster any enthusiasm or interest in the Olympics at all this year. I doubt I will bother watching any of it.


Moreover, I fail to see why the taxpayer is tossing tens of millions of dollars at allowing a bunch of people to go to an amateur sports meet - which is what the Olympics essentially is. Particularly when those taxpayers don't then even get to see the event unless they subscribe to Sky.


My preferred option is that the taxpayer simply stops funding it. The NZ Committee can then fundraise, including selling the rights to whomever will pay for them, and cut its cloth according to the budget it can raise.


If the politicians (for some bizzare reason) think that funding people to go to an amateur sports meeting is somehow a higher priority that health, education or aged care then they should offer the NZ Olympics Committee a choice. Either take this money but only sell the rights to a free-to-air broadcaster, or sell the rights to a non-FTA broadcaster in which case the taxpayer package is withdrawn.


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Fair point, but the parts in bold are ridiculous.