On 27 April there was a story in The Press which stated that the ground improvement works involving thousands of stone columns would start within 10 weeks. Today is exactly 10 weeks on from that date & I can tell you this is another missed date in the long saga of the Metro Sports Facility site. Not only is there no sign of diggers or equipment to put in these stone (gravel) columns, there is no sign of anything happening!


They have managed to develop about  80-100 temporary car parks on the South side of the site. This area has been done in gravel with a tractor back blade & a roller & looks quite tidy. These are intended for hospital staff or hospital visitors however anyone can use them. They appear to be free unless I missed seeing a pay machine.


The main change to the site is that a fence has been opened up on the Western side & anyone can just wander in take photos, look at the bird life, etc.  When I was there today there quite a few wading seabirds and four paradise ducks. I managed to get quite close to the ducks before they took flight!


As can be seen from the photos there is a lot of water on the site - so there is a lot of work to be done. The sea birds and the ducks obviously think it is the 'City Centre Wetlands', and who could argue with them.


P.S. The photos were taken with my Nokia 5, & I used one of the stock filters to brighten them up a bit.