Satch: No I don't have children but I do have experience in being a child.  I sometimes still am.  And I agree with your comment about unruly teenagers or adults too, but the frequency of this happening is much, much less in my experience.  Unfortunately not all parents share your view thought.

Yeah, while we've all been children (and, like you, I'm still quite capable of being child-like!), I would suggest that not having kids of one's own does make the child-free adult far more easily irritated by (if not down-right intolerant of!) children. Being a parent build's up one's tolerance of the little blighters.


I'm not sure I agree with what you're saying there. From the parents I've met, being a parent seems to break down ones tolerance of other people's little blights!


Also, from the perspective of a child-less adult, I'm fine with kids as long as they're well behaved. Occasional noises are expected. I object vehemently to kids screaming, shrieking, or antagonising other people though. Babies are a tough one though. The crying is annoying, but I'm well aware of the inability of the parent to quiet the child down under most circumstances, as they generally have no idea (other than some basic intuition which can be, while right a good chunk of the time, wildly inaccurate) what the child wants. So I will say I display significantly more tolerance for parents trying to calm an agitated baby rather than parents with two year olds running around screaming and throwing tantrums.