So I guess we'll agree to differ.




You think the alternative lacks foresight whereas I think the current bill is shortsighted. This immediate area is going from 2500 homes to 7500(plus) homes in the next X years. I think these should be built 1st before you chopping up green space. Does that not seem reasonable? I mean once this green space is gone it is gone! 




Within the iwi on this there is division and I am led to believe that they don't think this deal is the best for them long-term. But you are right who am I to tell them what to do! However, you did ask me for alternatives. Alternatives were not even looked at here, so we will never know. One alternative will save the green space for future generations, which sounds like a better long term plan to me as I believe it will be worth it now but more so for future generations. 




The Govt is talking about tens of thousands of new homes elsewhere in Auckland - they recently announced something, selling x state houses and creating ~30K(?) houses. The 300 here they are talking about here is negligible in the grand scheme of things. You say they can't be made up elsewhere. This is not true. I have seen crown land advertised for sale by real estate agents with "Land Bankers Dream" as the title - so they may not be developed for years. Now to see ads like that and then to see the govt want to sell public green space for housing irritates me. You can't say this is not stupid. And then you look at the demand side and you could argue they are not doing much about that, which annoys me further.




"garbage land at present". I don't agree, it is highly valuable and highly used. I would argue it is under-invested over the years. But you can't then turn that under-investment into an underutilised argument to justify the sale of it. 


"No one cares". Again this is not true. There are many people who care. And much more who care about the precedent this will set. And more who care about the process the central government is using to force this on a community.




Labels are too easy to throw around on this. The timing of it will turn it into an election issue. 




As I have said, I have watched this closely, and I can honestly say the Nat party has left me far from impressed with their behaviour in this regard. The evidence-based party they are far from! Deceit, misinformation and spin come to mind. I for one hope they are shown the door!