No-one in this country 'cheats' MMP.  They use legal tactics that MMP enables.


Those tactics are overt.  Voters get to respond to those tactics nationally via their party vote and locally in relevant electorates.  The same tactics are available to both sides.


Greens have decided to flip-flop on their long-held position of being strongly against electorate tactics and employ them in Ohariu.  That's totally OK because it's legal for them to do so.  It's also very sensible because it avoids splitting the left vote.  I can't believe it took them so long.



Subverting the proportionality of the outcome is cheating in my opinion. You don't share that opinion.....and that's fine. 


Fair enough, cheating is a subjective term.


However, electorate deals are legal. 


No-one can tell an electorate MP how to vote, so I think deals will always occur. The laws simply determine whether they are overt or not.


Consequently, I favour a situation where electorate deals and tactics are legal and therefore overt.