Heres a pro tip. 


Credit Card statement is the same day every month.... why not set a calendar reminder?



Just double check your normal due date, as my ANZ Platinum Visa is due 21st of each month (or next business day if 21st falls on weekend or public holiday). I noticed from poster above that their normal due date looks to be 25th.



My understanding is that the OP is talking/concerned about notification of the latest statement being available - not being reminded about making the payment.


My credit card payments are not due on the same day day each month - even allowing for weekends and public holidays. They are are on some sort of payment cycle that results in a similar date - but not the same date. My recent Platinum Visa payment dates were:


Mon 6 May


Tues 5 April


Mon 7 Mar


Tues 8 Feb


Wed 5 Jan


If anyone is worried about making the payment at the right time, simply set up a Direct Debit and you never have to worry about it.