Everyone here in Australia calls any sparkling wine "Champagne" and anything Whisk(e)y "scotch". Annoys the hell out of me.




No respect for appellation







It's odd, I have never really used the word scotch and always associated it with blends, even though a lot of my single malts have 'scotch whisky' on them




Nothing against blends, there are plenty of really good ones. I was just rearranging the cabinet to fit a couple of purchases in. I really need to drink more whisky, but brew beer also so always seem to grab a pint from the keg instead.


I understand that pretty much all whiskey is blended in some shape or form. The term ‘single’ means it comes from one estate, so it will likely only be blended with whiskey from the same estate.

Scotch means it comes from scotland, irish from ireland, bourbon is from america I think.

Malted means thats some or all of the grain has been germinated - in the case of scottish malt, it is typically barley. When only malted grain is used, it is called an ‘all grain malt’.

If it does not have malted grain, it is called a ‘grain whiskey’ I think. Also, I think there are ‘grain scotch whiskies’ which are blended, often with different types of grains.


Interesting, I had wrongly assumed that the cask strength versions were a single cask, but must be many blended together  but still at that 53-57 % alcohol level.