Smartphones are expensive - not much argument about that! And not everyone can afford/justify the cost of a new device. Anyone thinking of buying a second-hand smartphone, then, could take a look at the humble Sony Ericsson P900. I've had one now for around a year, and in that time it has been relentlessly reliable. It doesn't hang or freeze, starts and shuts down reasonably briskly, and is pretty good (for a smartphone) on battery life. It will do most of the things my PC will do, but obviously in miniature, and has a great email abililty. I run the Opera Mini web browser on it, which means I can surf til' I drop and not incur excessive data charges, and it will pick up signal in many places where my wife's (Finnish-made phone!) gets nothing at all!

The P900 makes regular appearances on our favourite NZ online auction, and a really good one can be got for around $300 - a lot of phone for not a lot of cash!

If any forum readers are thinking of getting a P900/910, and want some "user-experiences", don't hesitate to contact me.