Can anyone give me any feedback on how well Quick Office works on either of theses two phones.  I have been using it on my 5800 but I find it rather clunky  and missng a few features compared to Documents to Go which I have on my Palm TX.

The main areas I have issues are: 

1. Scrolling down the page, you cannot drag the page up or down you have to use the bar on the side, which is fiddly.

2. You cannot protect a worksheet.

3. Data entry on spread sheet is a little fiddly though I suspect a physical keyboard like on the E7 with the arrow keys would improve things in this regard.

4. No drop down menus.

I want to combine my phone and PDA functions and the E7 is my first choice, hence my interest in Quick Office since Data Viz don't do Documents to Go for the E7.

Perhaps there are other Apps that are better then either of these two Apps for Word and Excel?