Alot of you probably are unaware as this is a fairly new feature offered by Nokia, and as far as i'm aware Nokia Australia/NZ havn't updated their site to include the feature. So if you browse straight to your regional Nokia site you won't see it.

You can upgrade your phones firmware to the latest version via Nokia's website. All you need is your phones datacable/cable driver, also PC suite to back-up all your data as it will be deleted during the upgrade.

This will NOT void your warranty.

The Firmware version you receive all depends on your service provider, My N70 was shipped with V2.xx and i upgraded it to V5.xx on Vodafone Australia. It's definately a worthwhile upgrade, there's been alot of "bug fixes" and my phone's noticably faster and less buggy on Version 5. It's simple, just be sure to follow the directions.. Have a full battery & phone on charge etc.

The link is