JAVOedge releases our JAVOLeather Side Pouch for the Blackberry Curve!

Our JAVOLeather Side Pouch for the Blackberry Curve is the perfect belt attached carrying pouch for the Blackberry Curve. Equipped with a sleeper magnet, your Blackberry will enter sleep/holstered mode when inserted into the case.

    * Made of hand-crafted premium grade leather
    * Sleeper magnet will put your device in sleep mode while in the case
    * Interior is padded with felt to prevent scratching
    * Heavy duty 180 swivel belt clip on the back
    * Elastic bands provide a snug fit and magnet button flap securely closes

The JAVOedge Leather Side Case is combines the elegance of leather with the functionality of a holster. It is equipped with a sleeper magnet which will automatically put your Blackberry into sleep (holstered) mode. Your device will still receive calls, emails, etc. while it is asleep but it turns off the screen and other LEDs to conserve battery. Elastic bands on the side gives a snug fit, while the magnetic button on the flap closes to secure your Blackberry. The back features a heavy duty 180 degree swivel belt clip to keep your Blackberry on your waist. Hand made with high grade leather, this is the perfect case for all professional enterprise Blackberry users.

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