Has anyone had any experience in getting Hauppauge HVR4000 and HVR4400 to co-exist together under windows 7?

My original tuner is the 4000 and that has been working without fault for the last couple of years and I finally got my A into G and ordered a second card, this time a 4400. Installed without a problem however it hasn't shown up under DVBLink TV Source, check device manager .... only the 4000 showing up.

Remove the 4000 and the 4400 shows up .... great.
Re-install the 4000 and the 4400 is gone .... bugger.

Installed WinTV and it only shows the 4000 ....

It would appear these cards can not co-exist OR I need to go through a long and laborious trouble shooting exercise, so I thought I would check here and see if anyone has any experiences with this combo?