My Mitsubishi HC6000 is stating it wants a replacement bulb soon which the manual states should occur at 3750 hours. The projector is 2.5 years old, so around 900 days which means on average it would have to have been on for 4.1 hours a day, somewhat unlikely in my household!

However, regardless, it needs replacement and I am trying to work out if I should just replace the bulb or the bulb and housing. Local supplier here quoted me $520+GST which seems like a fair amount, and my own research shows a few local .nz websites have it at 370+GST but perhaps they are importing them directly.

Ebay has straight bulbs for $90 and OEM Bulbs and 3rd party housings for $150USD incl freight. 

I have ordered from Ebay, bulbs for my RPTV twice and been really happy with it, but I am wary about the 3rd party housing. 

Anyone have any experiences to share?

VLT-HC5000LP is the bulb in question.