Was playing around with my PS3 UK account last night and came across this new app in the XMB. Still in Beta though!

Downloaded it and it seems to work fine via unblock-us.com. Seems to be covering the Formula1 as well as some other live sports events. All for free.

Anybody else used it yet?


Exciting news for lovers of all things sports! Together with the BBC, we’re bringing a new application to your PlayStation 3. The BBC Sports app.

The BBC Sports app will sit on your XMB, feeding you with highlights of key sporting events during the summer and beyond. Throughout the London 2012 Olympics alone, the app will deliver 2,500 hours of content and up to 24 simultaneous events, all in glorious HD and all at the touch of the X button.

Plus catch other sporting highlights, like Wimbledon and Formula One™, where you’ll be able to take command of your viewing experience with an array of camera angles and interactive experiences.

The best bit? It’s completely free and it’s coming to your PlayStation 3 this summer, before Wimbledon 2012 kicks off in June.

We’ll have more news really soon! For now, post your questions and comments below and I’ll do my best to get them answered for you.