Masterpiece: Hi Stephen,

I have confirmed with Panasonic NZ about this, you will need an Eprom update for Australia. It would be likely that the display would need to go to Panasonic AU HQ.
If there is one in Brisbane you could drop it to them.

The problem is, they may not want to do it and may not want to support the display afterwards since it was purchased in NZ. If they do it I am uncertain of cost, but Panasonic NZ recommended using an AU topset box or recording topset box and use the TV as a monitor.

Step 1, Contact Panansonic AU, HQ and see what they say.


Or you could get a Panasonic Blu Ray Recorder from JB HiFi for A$558.40 and connect to your TV via HDMI.
Thats about NZ$300 cheaper than they are here.

I've seen them for $849 NZ at H.Norman's and Powerstore...
Which would make it around $150 different. So it's not quite the $300 difference you've noted.